Posting Policy


Welcome to Jamal, the premier online marketplace for buying and selling goods and services. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all our users, we have established the following Posting Policy. By using Jamal, you agree to abide by these guidelines. Failure to do so may result in the removal of your listings and, in severe cases, the suspension of your account.

1) Legal Compliance

All listings on Jamal must comply with local, national, and international laws and regulations. You are responsible for ensuring that your listings and transactions are lawful. Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  • Stolen or illegally obtained items.
  • Counterfeit or fake products.
  • Items promoting hate speech, discrimination, or violence.
  • Drugs, prescription medications, or controlled substances.
  • Items that infringe upon intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark violations.
  • Any item or service related to illegal activities.

2. Accurate and Clear Listings

Please provide accurate and detailed information about the item or service you are offering. Misleading or deceptive listings are not allowed. Your listing should include:

  • Clear and high-quality photos that accurately represent the item.
  • A detailed and truthful description.
  • Accurate pricing information, including any additional fees.
  • The item’s condition, including any defects or wear and tear.
  • The item’s location and method of delivery.

3. Respectful and Appropriate Content

Jamal is a diverse community, and we expect all users to treat each other with respect. Please refrain from posting content that is:

  • Offensive, hateful, or discriminatory.
  • Sexually explicit or adult-oriented.
  • Harassing or threatening in nature.
  • Promoting illegal or harmful activities.

4. Prohibited Categories

Certain categories of items and services are strictly prohibited on Jamal. These include:

  • Weapons, firearms, and ammunition.
  • Stolen property or items associated with illegal activities.
  • Adult services or explicit content.
  • Gambling or betting services.
  • Items that may cause harm to others or the environment.

5. Multiple Listings and Spam

To maintain a clutter-free marketplace, we discourage the posting of duplicate listings for the same item or service. Additionally, spammy or irrelevant content is not allowed.

6. Respect Privacy and Data Protection

Respect the privacy of other users. Do not post personal information, such as addresses or contact details, in your listings or communications.

7. Report Violations

If you come across a listing that violates these policies, please report it to our moderation team using the provided reporting tools.

8. Consequences of Policy Violations

Violation of this Posting Policy may result in:

  • Removal of the offending listing.
  • Suspension or termination of your Jamal account.
  • Legal action, if applicable.

9. Policy Updates

Jamal reserves the right to update or modify this Posting Policy at any time. Please review it periodically to stay informed about any changes.

Thank you for being a responsible member of the Jamal community. We believe that by adhering to these guidelines, we can create a safe and enjoyable platform for everyone. Happy buying and selling!